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The mission of Ecocrocs Panamá OBC is to strengthen environmental conservation by supporting the authorities in improving  the management of protected areas and their buffer zones. As a united and committed organisation we contribute to the protection of the environment by participating in the implementation of national and international environmental projects. We aim to improve, through cultural education, the existence of the environment and wildlife. To promote citizen participation, as a community, in environmental issues, creating basin committees and advisory commissions, among others. We intend to accomplish these tasks by embracing our work plan, raising funds, gaining support from organizations worldwide, and reaching agreements that  support our community to become more sustainable.


To be a leading organization in community work with an environmentally sustainable approach. Being recognized for the impact of our actions on the well-being and development of the communities with which we work, as well as, for our integrity and professionalism in the way we act. This involves being a constant source of availability and support, framing strategies, skills and capacities for objectivity in the execution of projects within the communities and thus accompanying them throughout this process, motivating and guiding the initiatives

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