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ECOCROCS PANAMA OBC, is an all female, non-profit community-based organization, created to strengthen the conservation of the tropical ecosystems of the Panama Canal basin, through community activities of reforestation, cleaning, patrolling, training and promoting sustainable tourism.

Our activities focus on the care and conservation of the crocodile and alligator species of Panama.

Our work area includes the Soberanía National Park and part of the Chagres River that is part of the Panama Canal basin where numerous crocodile and alligator populations are found.

We decided to work with crocodiles because they are an abundant group in the Canal basin, but whose habitats have been reduced and fragmented due to the expansion of urban boundaries and the Canal area.  This has resulted in increasing conflict between humans and the crocodiles.

ECOCROCS PANAMA OBC was awarded the prize for Environmental Excellence in 2019. This has given us even more motivation to continue working to protect and conserve the ecosystems within the Soberania National Park.  Subsequently we were integrated into the park management and granted areas of the Soberania National Park to manage and maintain, under the 'shared management' scheme, which gives us more rights and enables us to continue working alongside the Ministry of Environment.


Our team:

Administrative; which includes Elizabeth Diaz, president and Yarelis Gálvez treasurer. 

The scientific committee is headed by Dr. Miryam Venegas.


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